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Making the best use of digital technology

Digitalisation continues to be a priority for the PPF. It allows members, levy payers and other stakeholders to get what they need from us, it helps our employees to work more effectively, and it enables us to achieve our business objectives.

For example, in January 2023 we launched our new intranet, built on SharePoint Online, which integrates with other applications used across the business, allowing people to collaborate seamlessly and much more effectively.

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Following our successful digital transformation, which we completed last year we’ve continued to improve, mature and bring further efficiencies to our digital services. Any business transformation requires a degree of culture change to adapt to new ways of working. Changing established practices is never easy in any organisation, but through supporting and communicating with people, we help them to adopt new tools and services and manage transitions.

Our IT operating model continues to provide flexibility by drawing on both internal and external resources. We use external bodies to support and complement our internal team, as well as to provide independent assurance.

From day one with the PPF, I have found the tech and systems so easy to use. I was smoothly onboarded and can easily find the resources I need to do my day-to-day role. I am also really impressed with the new intranet, Connect Online, which allows for further collaboration between departments.

Tori Kilford

PPF new starter

New data platform

This year we have successfully deployed a data platform and data visualisation programme into the PPF. As a data-hungry organisation, we identified a risk deriving from an over-reliance on spreadsheets. The data platform has automated key reports and processes, opening channels for teams to explore and exploit data for further insight and giving them power to bring data to life however they like, no developer expertise required.

The platform lowers the risk of human error and enables us to make better informed decisions. It has delivered efficiencies in teams previously carrying out manual spreadsheet work, in some projects giving back weeks of resource time.

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In order to value our liabilities accurately, it’s critical we have the ability to process member data. The data platform has reduced data processing times in the Actuarial Financial Management team tenfold. We are currently working on leveraging the platform’s advanced features to develop tools that will further enhance our understanding of the data.

Aaron Pang

Head of Actuarial Financial Management

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