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Take part in our online consultation about the changes proposed to our insolvency risk methodology from 2021/22.

Take part in our insolvency risk scoring consultation

Levy payers can view insolvency risk scores, produced by Dun & Bradstreet (D&B) using the proposed methodology for the 2021/22 levy year, through a brand new online portal. They can also engage with D&B customer services through a wide range of channels.

Alongside the launch of our new insolvency risk partnership with D&B we’re inviting your feedback on the new services and the changes proposed to our insolvency risk methodology from 2021/22 in our online consultation.

We believe the changes we’re introducing are significant improvements, making it quicker and easier for you to engage with us. But we need your feedback to help us get it right.

Read the full consultation document and technical appendices here:

Consultation document

Technical appendices

Choose to view all the questions, or give quick feedback

For the first time, we’ve introduced two new online consultation options to meet the demand we’ve had from some levy payers, including members of our SME Forum.

You can choose to respond to the full range of questions online, or if you prefer, there’s a shorter, 15-minute questionnaire.

The consultation is open until 5.00pm on Tuesday 11 February 2020.