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As a result of your feedback and our own desire to reduced our carbon footprint we’re now offering you the choice to receive your invoices electronically. 

To do this the scheme trustee(s) or authorised scheme managers had to give consent by completing our online paperless invoice consent form.

From January 2023, when completing the annual scheme return, consent to electronic service will now cover both the Pension Regulator and the Pension Protection Fund.

New form fields

There is a new contact field (called PPF levy contact) on the Exchange database platform for the receipt of electronic levy invoices. Please ensure this field is completed with the correct email address for the recipient of the levy invoice.

There is also a new field to consent to receiving electronic levy invoices. If this box is ticked, the scheme will only receive an electronic invoice. If it is not ticked, we will send the levy invoice in hardcopy to the scheme address as well as electronically to the PPF levy contact and all the trustees of the scheme.

The consent provided must be reconfirmed each year when completing your annual scheme return.

We’re required by legislation to have the consent of scheme trustees or scheme managers to receive notification of your scheme’s levy in an electronic format.

What contact details will be used when sending an electronic invoice?

We’ll send electronic invoices to the PPF levy contact, and all the trustees email addresses submitted in the scheme annual return. This information is held in the Pensions Regulator’s Exchange database.

How will I receive my electronic invoice? 

Your electronic invoice will be sent securely via a system called Mimecast. Mimecast is a cybersecurity provider that we use to make emails we send you more secure and to bolster our cyber resilience.

The first time you receive an electronic invoice you will receive two emails from ‘[email protected]’, one to notify you that you have received a secure message; and one to ask you to set a password to access your secure messages. 

Once your password is set, you can use it for future secure electronic invoices sent to you. 

You can change the email addresses you’ve entered in the scheme return at any time. To withdraw consent to electronic service, go to the 'Consent to electronic service' section, untick the box and select ‘Save and confirm.’

No. Consent only changes the method under which we can deliver the invoice. Payment terms will remain as displayed on the invoice itself. 

No. Your consent will only be used to change the method under which we deliver the invoice. 

Can I choose to keep receiving my paper invoice instead?

Yes. But we believe it’ll be quicker and easier to keep track of your invoice by receiving it electronically, and hope you’ll agree to help us reduce our carbon footprint.