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The Board

Nailesh Rambhai, Board member of PPF 


The Board's main responsibilities relate to:

  • Managing risk
  • Our investment strategy
  • Levy payments
  • Our funding position and forecasts
  • The amount we pay our members

The Board is also responsible for our strategic plan. At the end of each year, the Board agrees our annual report and accounts, which sets out our progress and performance.

While the Secretary of State for Work and Pensions appoints the Chairman, our other members are appointed by the Board. 

The Executive Committee

Dana Grey, member of PPF Executive committee

Members of the executive committee work together to review key areas:

  • Developing and implementing strategy, operational plans, policies and budgets
  • Recommending financial plans and budgets to the Board and setting out how they can be achieved
  • Assessing and controlling risk
  • Making sure we’re complying with relevant legislation and regulations
  • Setting out how we prioritise and allocate resources

They also have specific senior management roles and duties.