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Access our insolvency risk portal

Use our portal to check your scores generated from April 2020 onwards. These scores have been used to calculate your levy invoice from autumn 2021 onwards.

Common queries

Through our customer service teams, we receive queries from portal users. Some of these are more common than others, and we’ve created some how to guides covering the most common. We’ll be adding more of these as time goes on, so make sure you check back for useful hints and tips. 


How to manage your D&B portal access

How to reset your D&B portal password

How to check your insolvency scores using the D&B portal

How to use the 'What If' tool in the D&B portal

How to set up email alerts on the PPF scores portal

How to log in to the PPF score portal for new users

New portal functionality

We've introduced the following new functionality to the portal in November 2022.

Multi-factor authentication

Multi-factor authentication (MFA) is a two-step verification process that uses security codes to keep information secure. We've introduced MFA to improve the experience of frequent password expirations.

The verification process is done either by mobile number or email. Depending on which option you choose, a security code will be sent to either your email account or your mobile phone from D&B. This code will need to be entered on the device you are accessing the portal on. 

If you choose to use a mobile phone number to receive your security code, your password for the portal will no longer expire.

If you choose to use email, the password you set will expire automatically every 180 days.

All users accessing the portal on or after the 19 November will need to follow the onscreen prompts to sign up to MFA using either a mobile number or an email before they can access the portal. 


We've made the alerts tab more visible and made it easier to receive email alerts. When alerts are set the user will be automatically notified by email of changes in score and/or levy band. 


We've acted on feedback received and introduced a report that you can download in a PDF format. This will display either the latest score or the mean score and the data used to generate that score.


We've implemented a webchat service which will enable users to receive answers to common queries or engage with an agent using an onscreen chat service.    

Access levels

There are three user access types within the portal – Trustee, Delegate and Employer. These vary the access a user has to scheme or specific employer information.

All users in the portal will have a single username and password that is used to login and view all schemes or employers they have access to – across all three access types – we call this portfolio view.


If you are a trustee who is registered on TPR’s database, you’ll automatically be given access to the portal. A registration email with a link to complete your registration will have been sent to you. 

As a trustee you can also request access to scheme and/or employer information via the portal and we’ll validate your details and grant access, if appropriate to do so.


If you’re not a trustee, but you’ve previously had access to a particular scheme(s) information, an account would have been automatically generated and a registration email sent to you. 

If you don’t have an account and want to register on the portal, you can do this by clicking on the Register tab on the top right of the homepage and following the onscreen instructions. We’ll send you a verification email with instructions of how to complete registration. Once completed, you can request access to a scheme’s information using the search functionality.


If you’re requesting access as an employer representative you must use the CRN, charity number, employer name or DUNS number once you have clicked on the ‘Request access’ button after you have logged in. Please note: as an employer representative you will need to provide the scheme PSR and name as well as the employer’s total net assets from their most recent account, even if this is a nil return. 

Once you have gained access, the employer information will be saved under your portfolio, and will be automatically available to you when you login next. 

Historic Experian scores

To check scores used to calculate levy invoices up to autumn 2020 you need to contact us