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We don’t take on a pension scheme as soon as an employer becomes insolvent. Instead we start what we call the ‘assessment period’. This is when we and others work to make sure all the data is accurate and that members are receiving the right benefits.

We also need to obtain a valuation to find out if the scheme has enough assets to secure PPF levels of benefits. This work has to be done before the scheme can be taken over, or ‘transfer’, to us. It is a complicated process and takes on average two years to complete.

If we didn’t exist you would only receive a share of what was left in the scheme, which might be very little.

Our assessment process

This short video provides an overview of the PPF assessment process, including what happens during the assessment process, what it means for members, and the role of scheme trustees.

Who to contact if your scheme is being assessed

If your scheme is in our assessment period, you'll need to contact the trustees in charge of your scheme. They'll be able to tell you about the level of benefits you might receive and answer any questions you might have.

If your scheme has already transferred to us, you can find out more about the benefits you’ll receive from us by contacting us on 0330 123 2222 or +44 (0)20 8633 4902 if you are overseas , or you can register on our PPF member website.

If you have a question about the FAS, please contact us on 0330 678 0000 or +44(0)20 8406 2121 if you are overseas, or you can register on our FAS member website.

To find out if your scheme is in the assessment period or fully transferred to us, please have a look at our scheme listing.