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2024/25 levy consultation

Our consultation is now open and you are invited to provide your feedback on our proposals. The consultation will close on Monday, 30 October 2023. 

Our consultation on the levy rules for 2024/25 closed on 30 October 2023. Thank you to everyone who provided feedback on our proposals. 

Final 2024/25 levy rules

We published our conclusions to the consultation and the final levy rules for 2024/25.

The policy statement confirms a significant reduction in levy and we expect almost all levy payers to see their levy fall in 2024/25. You can read more in our press release.

Dun & Bradstreet scores

For the 2024/25 levy year, we'll be using insolvency risk scores produced by our insolvency risk partner Dun & Bradstreet. It’s important that D&B are using accurate information. You can view your scores and check that your information is correct in our portal.

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Levy deadlines

Keep track of levy deadlines using our timeline.

Rules, guidance, documents and forms


ABC appendix
PDF 108.81 KB
Date 12.12.2023
Alternative Covenant Scheme Appendix 2024/25
PDF 399.11 KB
Date 12.12.2023
Contingent asset appendix
PDF 302.11 KB
Date 12.12.2023
Deficit-Reduction Contributions Appendix 2024/25
PDF 144.24 KB
Date 12.12.2023
Insolvency Risk Appendix 2024/25
PDF 220.54 KB
Date 12.12.2023
Transfers appendix
PDF 72.36 KB
Date 12.12.2023
Transformation Appendix 2024/25
PDF 686.33 KB
Date 12.12.2023