Each year we hold a consultation to set the rules for the following levy year. For example, in September 2018 we opened a consultation on the 2019/20 levy rules. We usually start in September and finalise the rules in December.

These annual consultations are within levy triennia and we try to limit the extent of changes we make within a triennium. Every three years we undertake a wider-ranging consultation to consider more significant changes to the structure of the levy.

We also sometimes hold specific consultations on a particular aspect of the levy. For example, in 2017 we held an additional consultation specifically on the levy for schemes without a substantial sponsor.

In all our consultations we welcome stakeholder involvement and look to improve processes and policies where we can.

When will the next consultation take place?

Annual levy consultations are usually held in the autumn.

The fourth triennium will cover levy years 2021/22 to 2023/24. The first consultation on this is expected to be held in 2019. This is expected to be solely on insolvency risk but there may be another before the 2021/22 annual consultation.