Eligible pension schemes are required to pay the levy. Almost all ‘defined benefit’ occupational pension schemes and schemes that have defined benefit elements are eligible.

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What are defined benefit schemes?

Generally, your scheme is a defined benefit scheme if it’s promised to provide a certain amount of pension for its members at retirement, for instance, if it's a final salary scheme.  

How the levy is calculated

The levy is calculated based on risk factors, in a similar way to insurance premiums.

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Read the levy rules

The levy rules direct how we calculate your levy and treat your data.

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How your levy has been calculated for 2018/19

Find out the levy scaling factor, scheme based levy and risk-based levy cap for 2018/19

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What is the risk-based levy?

The risk-based levy is paid by all eligible schemes that are not fully funded.
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What are contingent assets?

Contingent assets can reduce the risk of the scheme entering the PPF.

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What are deficit reduction contributions?

These are extra payments you can make to reduce the shortfall of funding in a pension scheme.

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Past levy rule determinations

We review and consult on how we apply the levy rules each year.

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