On 25 September 2019 we launched a consultation and draft rules for 2020/21. This consultation closed at 5pm on Tuesday 5 November 2019.

We did not propose any changes in our approach to the levy rules for 2020/21. Due to changes in risk, the levy estimate is £620 million. This is an increase of around 8 per cent on expected 2019/20 collection of £575m, driven by projected increases in scheme liabilities and underfunding.

Download the consultation document, draft rules and guidance below.

Consultation document

2020/21 consultation document

Draft levy rules and guidance

Determination for Consultation

ABC Appendix
Contingent Asset Appendix
Commercial Consolidation Appendix
DRC Appendix
Insolvency Risk Appendix
Investment Risk Appendix
MFR Conversion Appendix
SWOSS Appendix
Transfers Appendix
Transformation Appendix

Guidance on ABCs
Guidance on Block Transfers
General Guidance on Contingent Assets
General Guidance on type A Contingent Assets
General Guidance on type B Contingent Assets
General Guidance on type C Contingent Assets
Guidance on DRC
Guidance on Insolvency Risk
Guidance on Investment Risk (Bespoke Stress Calculation)
Guidance on Mortgage Exclusion

S&P Global Market Intelligence Credit Model Financial Institutions White Paper

GMP equalisation – information note