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We're delighted that the Financial Reporting Council (FRC) has confirmed that the PPF continues to meet the standard of reporting required to remain as a signatory to the UK Stewardship Code for a third consecutive year. 

The Code establishes high standards of stewardship for asset managers, asset owners and service providers when investing money on behalf of UK savers and pensioners, and those that support them.

Our responsible investment report, which covers our stewardship activities during the reporting period 1 April 2022 to 31 March 2023, can be found here.  

Barry Kenneth, our Chief Investment Officer, said, “We know that our stakeholders expect us to set the highest standards of practice in responsible investment. We view stewardship as one of the most powerful ways we can drive companies to transform, generating real-world impact. Retaining our signatory status to the UK Stewardship Code underlines our unwavering focus on managing the Fund robustly through active stewardship."

Our approach

We have built our responsible investment (RI) strategy and stewardship processes in line with the long-term nature of our liabilities and our investment horizon. We embed material ESG considerations right across our investments as well as expecting the same from our external fund managers, from selection through to ongoing monitoring and reporting.

Stewardship sits as one of our three key priorities within our RI strategy. Our stewardship policy reflects our commitment and approach to active ownership. We exercise our voting rights and engage with the companies and issuers we invest in to make sure they‘re accountable and fulfil their obligations to shareholders and other stakeholders. In addition, we monitor the stewardship activities of our fund managers.

Read more about our RI strategy.

Our sustainability strategy

In July 2023, we published our sustainability strategy, which identifies four key outcomes-focused sustainability goals for our organisation in areas we believe we can make a real difference. 

One of these goals is demonstrating excellence in responsible investment: investing responsibly has always been at the heart of how we manage our investment portfolio, and we firmly believe that this is critical to ensuring sustainable returns for our stakeholders.

Read our sustainability strategy.