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We’re launching a forum with the aim of improving communication between us and defined benefit (DB) schemes of small and medium-sized enterprises. We’re keen to hear from anyone representing an SME scheme who would like to be part of the conversation.

Why are we launching a new forum?

Recent research we have carried out has shown that smaller schemes are more reliant than larger schemes on communications from us.

While we’ve taken steps to try to meet the needs of SMEs, our research has shown that we could do more to support trustees of small schemes better. We hope that our new forum will be a space to shape policy and make sure the needs of SME schemes are heard and addressed.

“Our research has shown what we always suspected – that although we provide good quality service to our levy payers, it is rather generic and needs to consider better the different needs of our customer groups,” said David Taylor, Executive Director and General Counsel “This forum will not only help us to respond to this and improve our performance, but will also give SMEs the space to express their views directly to us, with confidence that those views are being heard and their feedback taken into account.

“We are absolutely committed to making this forum a genuine channel for two-way communication, for sounding out ideas and hearing feedback.”

How to take part

The SME forum will meet twice a year, with the first meeting likely to take place in February 2019.

If you represent a DB scheme with a small or medium sized employer and would like to take part in the forum, please email [email protected] to register your interest.