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Eligibility application form

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  1. Date of ineligibility

    The pension protection levies are payable by all schemes that are eligible at the beginning of the relevant levy year (1 April). Schemes that become ineligible during a levy year remain eligible to pay the levies for that year.

  2. Reasons for ineligibility

    The PPF may consider evidence provided in a form other than that required above in support of an ineligibility application where:

    i. A scheme is unable to provide the relevant evidence required under a particular ineligibility ground but can provide alternative information that demonstrates that ground has been met; or

    ii. A scheme has provided the relevant evidence set out under a particular ineligibility ground and wishes to provide additional information in support of its application.

    Where evidence is provided in either of the above circumstances, schemes should provide an explanation of how the evidence provided fulfils the relevant ineligibility ground.

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