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Public Sector Consolidator (PSC) design document

PDF: 469.71 KB
Date published: 01.03.24
Categories: Useful information, Latest news

PPF follow-up response to the chair of WPSC

PDF: 119.74 KB
Date published: 14.12.23
Categories: News and Information, Members

PPF response to the Chair of the WPSC

PDF: 175.46 KB
Date published: 08.11.23
Categories: Members, News and Information

Options for DB schemes call for evidence - PPF response

PDF: 348.33 KB
Date published: 05.09.23
Categories: Useful information

Work and Pensions Committee’s DB inquiry

PDF: 311.51 KB
Date published: 27.04.23
Categories: Useful information, Latest news

Situations involving New or Successor Schemes - R & I Guidance Note 8

PDF: 252.36 KB
Date published: 21.08.22
Categories: Insolvency practitioners, Restructuring professionals

Uncapping members letter

PDF: 452.92 KB
Date published: 26.05.22
Categories: Members

2022-25 Strategic Plan

PDF: 872.33 KB
Date published: 30.03.22
Categories: Corporate publications

Diversity pay gap report 2021

PDF: 2.99 MB
Date published: 15.03.22

Consultation response - Climate and investment reporting: Setting expectations and empowering savers

PDF: 145.5 KB
Date published: 06.01.22
Categories: Investment, Responsible investment

The Board's Statement of Operating Principles and Scheme of Delegations

PDF: 2.42 MB
Date published: 01.12.21
Categories: About us, The Board

Precedent Articles of Association

PDF: 948.45 KB
Date published: 18.09.21
Categories: Professional advisers, Restructuring professionals