What you need to do this quarter

  1. We’ve published the mean scores that we’ll use in the 2019/20 levy calculation. Please make sure you check the score and data held with Experian to ensure it’s correct.

  2. Make sure you double check the information held on The Pensions Regulator’s Exchange system for errors. If you find an error, you can raise a correction request with the levy customer support team. Read more about data corrections here.

  3. You'll receive your 2019/20 levy invoice from September 2019, make sure you pay it within 28 days of receipt to avoid incurring late payment interest.

  4. We’ve changed bank – please update any records or systems to reflect the new details.

What you need to do next quarter

  1. Keep an eye out for the publication of our 2020/21 consultation on the levy rules.

  2. Learn more about key levy deadlines for the 2019/20 levy year